Freitag, Mai 11, 2007

FlightMemory - Track your own Flight Routes and Miles!

Whether Air Transport Pilot, Private Pilot or Student Pilot, whether Flight Attandant or Passenger, track your flight routes and miles. Save your flight data by ticket number, flight log or whatever you remember. See your network of routes worldwide and share your statistics via bords, websites and friends. Print your flight routes on a nice large world map. Compare your miles with distance to the moon or sun.

This unique service of has been started in germany, called as "". After 11 months the german version got
  • 11.000 users with
  • 540 million miles
  • 600.000 flights and
  • 1,8 million hours.
Today, and track together over one million flights with 1,1 billion miles and total three million flight hours. It's amazing!

My flights e.g.:

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