Freitag, Januar 05, 2007

Chinese Aircraft Copies - sorry! - License Productions

A list of Aero-Engines, Missiles and Drones, Space Launchers, Spacecraft and Satellites produced in China. And no, China made never copies of some products. All replicas are very strong legal licensed by original companies, how I learnt via This german site is under fire by a chinese court. The owner got a subpoena to China. The court demands a public apology and compensation. The reason is a report of and referral to germans magazin "Spiegel" with a story about MANs complaint against a chinese automobile manufacturer because copyright violation of a bus design.

Now, that's very intresting. Would you like to go from a democratic country like Germany in chinese arms? I think, never!

Here you can find "Spiegels" recent reaction.

via Helmi

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