Samstag, August 05, 2006

Boeing 787 Dreamliners technische Daten für Flughäfen

Boeing hat technische Details des 787 Dreamliners für die Planungen der Flughäfen herausgegeben.
This brochure provides airport compatibility data for the 787 Models. This information is intended solely for airport planning purposes. All information in this brochure is preliminary and may change during development and testing. The 787-8 is a medium-sized, twin-engine aircraft. The 787-3 is a reduced range derivative of the 787-8, and the 787-9 is a stretched-body derivative of the 787-8. The 787-8 is the base model of a family of airplanes and is scheduled to enter into service in mid-2008. The 787-3 and 787-9 are scheduled to enter into service in the year 2010.
Die Broschüre dürfte auch für Modell-Freaks interessant sein.

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