Montag, Mai 01, 2006

Nette und hübsche Pilotin bei Island Air

Well, just got back from a trip to Hawaii and Vegas.....and while travelling from Oahu to Maui we flew Island Air Dash 8 with a pretty blonde ( I think Norwegian) pilot.......who was awesome! She was so cool trying to arrange pizza to be delivered to the grounds crew in Maui........she asked us how her landing was! Just a very cool chick!

A very different experience than the typical cold non interaction with the flight deck.........

Jetskial (Allan)
Damit dürfte wohl der Mythos um Blondinen letztendlich total zerstört sein.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Das erinnert mich ganz an diesen Werbespot einer Airline.

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Frank Kerkau hat gesagt…

Ja, der von Lynx Jet. ;)